Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

'KitBread App' refers to the below Apps created by KitBread :
DrumBeatMetronome, DrumRudimentPlayer, DrumPatternPlayer, EasyDrumMetronome, DrumDynamicPlayer

The KitBread App may collect personal information for Android App services in accordance with Google's policies.
This can be used for download statistics, app errors
statistics, and more.

Because the KitBread App uses Google AdMob, it can also collect personal information in accordance with Google AdMob policies.
GPS information may be collected for more accurate advertising services.

The KitBread App will detect if you have installed the KitBread App in order to recommend other KitBread apps that are not installed. It runs locally and is not collected.

The KitBread App does not search and collect any personal information other than those mentioned above.

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